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    About us

    Chadwick’s Goldens provides beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers and Standard American Golden Retrievers from world-class championship lines.  We live in the sunny Southern California area and have been breeding golden retrievers for over 14 years.

     English Goldens

    This sporting gundog displays its light golden color characteristics. Also known as English Cream, or European Golden.

     Standard American Goldens

    The golden-colored coat is the trademark of this sporting breed, and can range from light to dark gold (red).

     Lots of Love

    No matter the choice, your Golden will show you a lifetime of love if you show them love in return.  For more information regarding the breed, click on About the Breed.


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    Puppies From Our Past

    Olaf and Chloe’s Pup One of Our Past Puppies

    Jack and Priscilla’s Pup One of Our Past Puppies

    Olaf and Priscilla’s Puppies Some of Our Past Puppies

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