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“Nutrionally NuVet gives puppies all they need to have the best chance to develop to their full potential”

NuVet and Allergies link

We want to encourage the best health of your puppies. Puppy parents who choose to use NuVet nutritional pet supplements ordered through the links below will receive a 2 year health guarantee. The state of California only requires a 1 year health guarantee. NuVet supplements help with many allergies by improving their immune system and also reduce the risk of many diseases.

Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 800‐474‐7044 #81505

Click Here To Order NuJointPlus Or Call 800‐474‐7044 #81505

NuVet and Surgical Procedures: Spay and Neuter

1)    The most dangerous part of a surgical procedure for a dog is the anesthesia – since NuVet Plus flushes the toxins out of a dogs system with the help of Papain, Vitamin B5 & B6 and Vitamin C – ester C it will help your dog bounce back faster and not be groggy.

2)    The Vitamin E, Blue Green Algae, Shark Cartilage & Zinc in NuVet plus aids in wound healing in addition to the overall product keeping that dog’s immune system healthy, this helps them recover faster.

We are suggesting that any dog undergoing a surgical procedure be doubled up 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after.  


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