This is our beautiful one year old Elsa. She is from Olaf and Millie's litter of September 26, 2015. Elsa is a cherished part of our family. She swam in our pool this summer and loves to play with my sister's year old border collie. Elsa is smart and is doing well with her obedience training. She loves everyone, including her two kitty siblings. She is a great watch dog with a deep bark and alerts us to all types of visitors from bears and coyotes to the mailman. We can't thank you enough for letting us bring Elsa into our family. testimonial


I have been meaning to write you a note for a while now since we have brought our new puppy home from your wonderful place. I can't believe it has been almost a month now since we have picked up Brûlée. We are glad we waited and got the all English Creme Golden Retriever that we really wanted. Also because you were so welcoming to us we were able to see her weekly since she was 2 weeks old. That certainly allowed us to bond with her. It was so reassuring to us that your facility seemed so organized and clean while all the animals were very happy. It was great to be able to meet both the Sire and the Dam of the puppies we looked at. When we got and took Brûlée to our personal Vet she commented that our puppy seemed so well mannered, calm and socialized already at 10 weeks. Certainly that was a positive reflection on her breeding experience with you. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you and your husband every time we were at your home. After all, we were there every week for 8 weeks. We were afraid you would get tired of us, but I guess you didn't. Our puppy is amazing. She has doubled in size, is developing beautifully, becoming a delightful little girl. She is friendly, does well with people as well as other dogs, that have been fully vaccinated, of course. We can't wait until she is fully vaccinated so we can take her everywhere. Brûlée is a delightful puppy and a joy to have in our family. If any of your clients would like to contact us about our personal experience, that would be fine. Thanks again.

Nancy and Bob

Hope all is well with you and your family. We have one of Angel's pups from 7 years ago. I occasionally go to your website to get my puppy fix. I was just thinking about Angel who is probably retired now. She's such a beautiful dog. Attached is a picture of Bento, taken earlier this week during our hike to JPL. He loves the water and loves his sticks!!! Please let me know how Angel is doing. Is she about 12 now??? Thank you! Bento


Hi Nancy! I just wanted to send this picture to you and give you an update on our puppy. We bought the small female from Shadow/Candy’s liter. Well…since then we have named her Zoey Grace. She will be starting her training program September 11th to be a Therapy dog that will come with me to work! I am very excited!!! I absolutely LOVE her! She has completed our new family. Thank you so much for taking such good care of your dogs. We have not had 1 health issue with her so far! We are so blessed! Let us know if you ever are in need of a loving home! Zoey


Hi Nancy, Just wanted to say hi and tell you what a joy our puppy Dash is! He just got in the pool for the first time this week, and I think he is (eventually lol) going to love it. The next photo is of Dash and our 5 year old Mamie...they are doing great together as you can see!

Hope you and your family are doing great - Dash


I am not sure if you remember us but we got one of your puppies two Christmas's ago.. I wanted to send a few updated pictures of Hurkey. He is an amazing dog. He is so smart, and is the perfect dog out front, we have trained him to not go onto the street and he will only leave our yard if we are playing fetch and then he only runs after the tennis ball when we tell him he is aloud to go. very good dog, he has a companion now and her name is shelby, they are super best friends, she is a mutt my friend found her and her sister and her mama, she is part pit bull (we think) and her mom was a mastiff.. they are the best of friends and cry when they aren't together. the ones that are first were taken this weekend, (the first two) the other ones are from the 1 1/2 years... first one of shelby is also this weekend, and then from the 8 months we had her, she was very little when they found her, then the last two are from the day we brought our little HUrkey home, so you see how much he has grown... but he still has the face, you can see hurkey in his eyes... love him!!! i hope you are well and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! we love our HURKEY!!!   Hurkey


As promised, here are a few pictures of Tawny. We adopted her from you in August and are just loving her. She still has her wild and spunky personality, but is also very loving. She fits into our family well and we've fallen in love with her! They will come in a couple of emails. Tawny


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